Project Location: The project is located along the West Genesee Street Corridor between the intersections of Myrtle Street (western terminus) and N. Salina Street (eastern terminus) in the City of Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York.

Project Purpose: The purpose of this project is to perform routine preventative maintenance on W. Genesee Street.  The result of this project will extend the life span of the existing pavement structure throughout the corridor.

Corridor Deficiencies to be Addressed: The existing pavement structure along W. Genesee Street has begun to develop distresses/cracking as a result of normal wear and tear over time.  Winter maintenance and snow removal activities further accelerate the deterioration of the roadway pavement areas.  Areas of the pedestrian infrastructure (e.g. sidewalks and intersection curb ramps) are lacking ADA-compliant features such as cast-iron detectable warning units or are too narrow or damaged.

Proposed Alternative: The proposed alternative which will address the corridor deficiencies and achieve the project objectives is to perform a pavement mill and inlay operation.  In specific, the top 3.5” of the roadway pavement structure will be milled off and 3.5” of new pavement will be inlayed.  The end result is a rehabilitated pavement structure which provides a new riding surface and matches the pre-construction roadway elevation  This ensures all driveway and sidewalk tie-ins are maintained while enhancing the rideability of W. Genesee Street.  Specific locations limited in size will require full depth reconstruction of the pavement structure to address pavement deficiencies which can’t be addressed with a mill and inlay.  Examples of these areas include intersection approaches with severe wheel path rutting or portions of W. Genesee Street with significantly deep pot holes.  New pavement striping will be installed following paving operations.  Sidewalk areas which don’t meet current ADA guidelines will be replaced accordingly.

Work Zone Traffic Control: No off-site detours will be required for this project.  During construction, traffic will be maintained on-site by means of daily lane and shoulder closures as required to progress the work.  Routes for emergency vehicles will be maintained during construction.

Right of Way: All proposed improvements can be accomplished within the existing right-of-way (ROW).  It is anticipated that no ROW acquisitions will be required for this project.